Paint Correction

Exterior Options for your Vehicle!

What is Paint Correction

Through multiple stages of polishing we remove scratches, swirls and etching. This is also done to level bad re-sprays and orange peel from the painting process. We perform this task safely and effectively using the highest quality tools, techniques and products.

Why Paint Correction?

By refining the surface of your vehicle you can bring out an unmatched level of gloss. This tightens the pores of the paint helping to reduce the premature dulling of the finish. It creates a perfect surface for a ceramic coating to bond to. When a surface is defect free and level, ceramic coating creates a thicker coating because it doesn’t sink into the voids of in the finish.

Why The Detail Freaks?

With over 13 years as a leader in the detailing industry, we have worked on vehicles all around the world. Training detailers and organizations to use our proven systematic approach, for thousands of global clients. We have unmatched passion to become the world’s leading #paintpreservationist

Prices start at $75 per hour

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Want to keep your paint looking brand new and protected for years to come?

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