Car Ceramic Coating

Exterior Options for your Vehicle!

Did you know…

Your new car’s clear coat finish can break down in 2-3 years?

Our ceramic coating offers the highest level of UV protectiondurability, and ease of maintenance extending the clear coat 3-7 years.

Why Should I Use Ceramic Coating?

UV Protection

Salt and Corrosion Resistance

Gloss Retention

70-80% less cleaning/maintenance – No more need for polishing and waxing!

Hydrophobic self-cleaning technology

Our ceramic coating offers the highest level of slickness, protection and durability

  • On the Pencil Hardness scale the coating is 10H – one of the hardest you can have!
  • It increases the hardness of your paint 3-4 times to make it more resistant to scratching and marring.

Want to protect your interior too?

We offer Interior detailing and protection packages!

Ceramic Coating

Car Truck/SUV
3yr starting at $699 starting at $799
7yr starting at $899 starting at $999

* Ceramic coating provides a long lasting hydrophobic layer of protection making your vehicle easy to clean and protecting your vehicles paint against the brutal outside world.

3-7 year coating requires a prep polish in order to clean paint surface and ensure proper bonding of coating. This polishing step does not qualify as a paint correction.

In-House Maintenance

Starting at
Weekly $65
Bi-Week $85
Monthly $130
Quarter $160

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